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Beam Clamps

Beam Clamps to Buy Online, UK

Lifting Clamps come in many versions to suit different applications and Hoistshop either have a standard clamp or can manufacture a bespoke clamp to suit your specific requirements. 

When looking for a fixed anchorage the Beam Clamp is the most popular solution, although it does not always have to attach to both sides of a RSJHoistshop also offer clamps to fit to one side of the RSJ or as they are known angle clamps, also bulb bar clamps specifically designed for the ship building industry.

In many areas of industry, plants are operated with potentially explosive atmospheres. Due to the very high risk to personal and other assets, extremely strict guidelines and technical requirements are in place in explosive zones. SO we can offer Spark Resistant products manufactured in accordance with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC and the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. 

When lifting or moving some products within the work place the ideal tool is a clamp attached to either a hoist or sling, these can take many forms dependent upon your application.

The most common of these are the steel plate lifting clamps also known as vertical plate clamps and horizontal plate clamps for lifting and transporting plate around fabrication shops.

Sometimes you have a sensitive part or material that you cannot afford to mark, and then the non-marking clamps also called non marring clamps are an ideal clamp for protecting your load. 

In addition to these products, we also offer clamps designed specifically for pulling or lifting or turning girdersrail clamps and clamps designed for use on constructions sites.

To offer such an extensive range then Hoistshop work with a group of manufacturers including; Superclamp Beam Clamps, Tiger Beam Clamps, Riley Beam Clamps, Planeta Clamps and Terrier Lifting Clamps.