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Temporary VAT zero rate will apply to some supplies of PPE which are made between 1 May and 31 July 2020 and which are recommended for use by Public Health England in its guidance dated 24 April 2020 titled ‘Guidance, COVID-19 personal protective equipment (PPE)’. This includes supplies made from existing stock.

Products covered by the zero rate include:

* Disposable gloves * Disposable plastic aprons * Disposable fluid-resistant coveralls or gowns * Surgical masks – including fluid-resistant type IIR surgical masks * Filtering face piece respirators * Eye and face protection – including single or reusable full face visors or goggles

Leading Suppliers of Lifting Equipment, Including Chain Blocks, Hoist Controllers and Ratchet Lever Hoists, in the UK and Ireland

We are specialist suppliers of material handling and mechanical lifting equipment, serving the UK and Ireland, with over a decade of experience in our field. Make HoistShop your one and only port of call for all your lifting equipment – you can buy top of the range material handling equipment online today with just a few clicks. Our inventory ranges from ratchet lever hoists, chain block hoists, and beam clamps to chain hoist controllers, wire rope pullers and much more.

We strive to provide a wide variety of reliable, high quality lifting equipment and supplies to give you the right option for your requirements. As such, we have a comprehensive range of carefully engineered mechanical lifting and material handling equipment in stock which is suitable for myriad applications.

Market Leading Manufacturers Serving the UK and Ireland

Partnered with the likes of Tiger, Planeta and GIS, we are able to supply a full range of heavy lifting equipment, including ratchet lever hoists, chain block hoists, and chain hoist controllers from industry-leading manufacturers. We are proud to be able to offer the very latest material handling and mechanical lifting equipment for highly competitive rates.

Tried and Tested Lifting Gear

Safety is crucial when it comes to lifting gear; we are always committed to ensuring our clients’ safety. As such, we are renowned across the UK and Ireland for supplying tried and tested materials lifting equipment within the agricultural, domestic and industrial sectors which you can rely upon to help you get the job done both safely and efficiently. You can depend on us to provide an array of high-quality heavy lifting and material handling equipment from trusted manufacturers at a price you can afford.

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