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0.8t Tiger SS19 Subsea Lever Hoist

SKU 247-1-1

Height of Lift

0.8t Tiger SS19 Subsea Lever Hoist 

This 0.8t Tiger SS19 Subsea Lever Hoist has been diligently crafted over the span of multiple years with its primary purpose in subsea, offshore, and corrosive situations. Utilizing a one-piece construction pinion gear, Quad Cam Pawl System (patented globally), and superior anti-corrosive properties, the SS19 provides significant safety advantages compared to standard lever hoists. This makes the SS19 the ideal hoist for marine and extreme applications.

It has been thoroughly tested and proven effective in a diversity of rugged conditions.

Designed to comply with IMCA DO28 Rev. 1 “Guidance notes for offshore lever hoists” and meet the requirements of Oil and Gas Industry stakeholders, the SS11 hoist exceeds all demands while adhering to BS EN 13157: 2004+A1:2009, ANSI/ASME B30.21-2005, AS1418.2 and SANS 1636 specifications.

Tiger's SS19 utilizes a torsion switch brake & freewheeling system with rotational inertia drive. This was conceived by Tiger's R&D division to address malfunction concerns of other "push-pull" & "Weston-type" lever hoist brakes, which enable dirt/particles to impact their functioning. This Tiger brake model has become a dependable solution, proven via thousands of hours of use. Unlike prior brakes, this system doesn't require inefficient longitudinal disengagement for freewheeling, making it simpler and more secure for operators. It also upholds a higher brake take-up efficiency rate.

Tiger has been a leader in manufacturing for over 50 years and is dedicated to customer satisfaction through their commitment to innovation. These efforts are reflected in their SS19 range of lever hoists which includes their latest developments and enhancements.

  • Suitable for use in multi-immersion applications
  • Globally Patented Quad Cam Pawl System - proven reliability
  • Phosphor bronze bearings
  • Meets and exceeds IMCA DO28 Rev 1 guidance notes for offshore lever hoists
  • Full face gasket provides brake chamber protection from outside contamination
  • Adjustable chain end anchorage specifically designed to the contours of the hoist
  • DNV GL Verification tested according to NORSOK R-002
  • Thousands of hours of empirical evidence as proof of design
  • Equipped with our unique intelligent Torsion Brake System
  • Light load protection at 2% of the rated capacity
  • Fully Corrosion protected body and components to ensure reliable long-term use
  • Available with slipping clutch overload protection
  • 800kg, 1.6t, 3.2t, 6.3t, 10.0t, 15.0t and 20.0t capacities available
  • DU® self-lubricating metal polymer bearings
  • One-piece construction pinion gear
  • Adaptable to use both inverted and horizontally
  • Over 1500 hours protection to ASTM B117 conditions