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Premium PRO Ratchet Lever Hoists 1.5t SWL Ref: 207-9

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Premium PRO Ratchet Lever Hoists 1.5t SWL Ref: 207-9

The PREMIUM PRO Lever Hoist is fitted with galvanised load chain according to DIN EN 818-7-T. The Range is available from 0.75t to 9t, up to 3t capacity on single chain fall.


  • Robust Design, proven quality ensuring longevity
  • Significant weight saving
  • Operating lever can be used in any position thanks to the ratchet


  • Free-running mode allows the unladen chain to be easily pulled through the device to the required position when the on switch is moved to the middle point
  • Galvanised load chain according to DIN EN 818-7-T is USED ON ALL HOISTS, the standard lifting height is 1.5 m; any length required for higher lifting is possible.
  • New chain end stop provides additional safety, this cannot be pulled through the device with the chain.
  • The ergonomic rubber handle protects the user against injury and is screwed in place to prevent slipping.
  • Safety automatic mechanical brake; galvanised connecting parts; cast hook; catch, large non-slip and closed hand wheel; safety chain end piece.
  • Grade 8 Load Chain used on 0.75t and 1.5t hoists
  • Grade 10 Load Chain used on 3.0t, 6.0t and 9.0t hoists
  • Chain conforms with DIN EN 818-7-7 standard (RUD supply)