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Electric | Pulling 820kg Lifting 250kg Capstan Winch Ref:167-4-1

SKU 167-4-1

PCT1800 230v Electric Winch Pull/Lift


This electric powered winch is ideal for indoor applications such as pulling wire through conduits or lifting equipment.

It can lift loads of 250 kg in a single line and a block and tackle system will increase the lifting capacity to 500 kg.

For lifting purposes, it is equipped with a rope grabbing system which will hold a load in position; allowing the operator to work safely.

The electric motor is activated by simply pulling on the rope. As soon as the operator stops pulling, the drum stops rotating, preventing rope damage. For the operator’s safety, it is equipped with a rope grabbing system which will prevent the rope from sliding inadvertently.

The PCT1800 is recommended for situations when gas-powered (petrol) winches cannot be used and is a good alternative when noise is an issue.

Find out more by downloading the user manual.

*Accessories sold separately.

*Note: One (1) anchor polyester sling 60 mm x 2 m is always included with every winch

Private use : 2 years
Commercial use : 1 year
Motor: Baldor International Warranty

Additional information : Register your winch at and get 1 EXTRA YEAR of warranty for FREE !


PCT1800 230v Electric Winch Pull/Lift

Max Pull Capacity 820kg
Max Lifting Capacity 250kg
Installed Capstan Size 85mm (Optional 57mm Drum Available - Increases Capacity)
Speed with Installed Capstan 8.8 m/min
Rope Size Min 12mm | Max 13mm | Ideal 12mm
Engine/Motor C Electric Baldor TEFC 115/230 VAC - 1 ph - 3/4 HP - 60 Hz
Gear Ratio 110:1
Dry Weight 24.0kg

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