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Planeta Push Travel Trolleys (Type PTM) Ref: 207-23

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Planeta Push Travel Trolleys  (Type PTM) Ref: 207-23

Push trolleys are suited for lighter weight jobs. The load is balanced on four wheels. Chain hoists with the same capacity rating can be attached to the trolley. The trolley can be mounted simply by pushing it on the open girder or disassembling the unit. Features:

Robust side plates - The central load suspension system and the robust side plates allow for a trolley that can take the demands of big jobs The suspension system works to divide the load evenly among the four wheels The large forged steel plates enhance tilting protection The cast iron wheels are quiet and safe due to lifetime lubricated sealed ball bearings Adjustable for various beam sizes by simply changing the number of spacers. The standard bolts are for small flange widths. Longer bolts allow the use on wider flanges up to 300 mm widths The contour trolley wheel design provides maximum beam contact on flat or tapered beams